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A Bit About Rachel


Recently reaching over 80 Million streams across the globe on all music platforms, charting on Billboard and multiple tours under her belt, Rachel Lorin believes in finding beauty in the non-beautiful, an incessant search that began with her roots in Atlanta, Georgia. Born in the South and shaped by New York City, she has a wide, diverse history in music. Just in her 20’s, the singer/songwriter already has a storied career. From beginning modeling, dancing and acting at a very young age to singing the National Anthem at the US Open by the age of 12 and then eventually launching her musical career on the reality TV series “The Next Big Thing” on Oxygen & E! Network International, her experiences over the past decade have helped her find her artistic footing. However, being bullied in school growing up, abused physically and emotionally by her ex, and losing her dad at the age of 24, she has many things to write about that she feels can relate to and help others. Thanks to her family, she is beautifully resilient—she’s an edgy girl in a pop world with a dark mind hoping to empower others through her music.

Fresh off tours and a brand new album, ‘Self-Preservation’ and many new singles she’s releasing this year, Rachel is gearing up to take on the world with her unique storm of biting realism and a darkly poetic vision. She has worked with the likes of Pitbull, Ookay, Erick Morillo, Ekoh, Tyler Carter, Prince Fox, DJ AMMO and many more. She’s an artist brimming with ideas and enthusiasm, constantly digging for elegance at its most obscure sources. At her core, Rachel is swirling with tenacity and searing bravado, and she’s unafraid to bear it all and be vulnerable in her music and its delivery on the stage. 

Rachel is dauntlessly authentic, shedding her roots beyond teenage pop star into embracing the beauty that is hidden behind glamour. This sensibility is what separates Rachel from her musical contemporaries. Her goal is to empower other women through her music that is concerned with issues that people face every day, and she finds power in tackling these problems with sharp writing that drips with her dark sense of humor that covers her internal pain. Especially going through many traumatic events in her life, as embarrassing as being open and vulnerable can be, she only speaks truth in her music in hopes to help others and also to help her heal as well. 

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